Spiral Hair Curlers -18 pc Set

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    Spiral Hair Curlers -18 pc Set

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    These curlers are great for creating bouncy curls. Get those perfect spiral locks with NO heat and NO damage to your hair. They are easy to use and will have you looking styled up in no time! Instead of running to the hair salon the next time you are stepping out, use the awesome curlers to create a fabulous look – and save a few bucks!
    This set includes 18 rollers + hook + additional tool
    How to use:
    After shower, while your hair is damp and almost dry (not wet) simply take a 1 inch section of your hair, slide the curler onto the hook through the open slit; then pull the hair inside the curler with the hook. Then let is go gently and leave it on as much as desired. Once your hair is dry you slide the curler off and you have curls that last for days. Just spray and go!
    Works great on many types of hair. Sleep in them or blow dry after damp hair is inserted.
    *Curlers are approximately 9-12 cm long
    *Customers with long hair will need to order 2 sets to curl your hair completely.
    *One set will also create the bouncy wave to your hair.
    *Most customers average between 10-20 curlers per head, depending on thickness of hair.

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