Air Hammock with Travel Tote

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    Air Hammock with Travel Tote


    Apr 28, 12:00 am


    This air hammock will become your favorite spring-summer find! Think about all the events you need chairs for...the beach, camping, soccer and baseball games, a day at the water park with the kids, and outdoor concerts. You now have a chair, sofa, and bed that you can carry over your shoulder. Need a little more gear with you, no problem! These fit easily into your favorite backpack. You'll still have plenty of room for a water bottle and other essentials.



    Take the hammock out of it's carrying case. Unbuckle the opening. Unroll completely. You will see that there are two air chambers. You will need to open each side separately to fill with air. As you open one side, walk forward, keeping your body straight, then quickly close that side and hold shut. Then turn and repeat. You will do this several times until inflated to the desired effect. Keep the openings together and roll quickly to keep the air locked inside. Then you will bend the openings and buckle closed. The more air it is filled with, the stiffer the seat and the longer the hammock will be. The first time inflating is a little tricky, but there are some great YouTube videos that will show you exactly how to (and how not to) inflate it. If you are outdoors, and there is a breeze, all you have to do is let the wind fill it up for you. When you are done, unbuckle, roll out the opening, and open each chamber to let the air out. Roll up from the seam end, and then once you are at the end, you will fold and re-buckle. Then slide back into the carrying tote and you are all set.

    Travel tote with adjustable strap.
    5 colors
    Holds up to 440 lbs.

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