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Guest Editor : Amber Evans

About the author me:  Hi my name is Amber and I’m the voice behind DressingUpClassy. My blog is all about how to style and maximize your wardrobe. I love sharing my thoughts, my experiences and passion for clothes.


I like to refer to myself as Sir Mix A Lot of fashion. I really love mixing different patterns together to create a fun and chic look. For the month of February on DressingUpClassy for the #dailyoutfitinspiration posts I really focused on mixing patterns together. So today I wanted to revisit some of my favorite patterned outfits and really dig into the details so you lovely ladies can recreate these looks from home.



This floral and gingham outfit was a smashing hit! You ladies love your florals and who can I blame you! I must be honest I was a little hesitant to get a floral shirt, I have never owned one before and I didn’t want to have that “elderly look” when I put it on. I have always associated floral patterns with cute little old grandmas. In a lot of the movies all of the cute little old ladies have floral curtains and floral couches, so the last thing I wanted to do was look like I was wearing my grandmothers curtains. But, I have seen so many pretty floral outfits and thought I just gotta jump in and deal with the consequences. It was the best decision! This is such a gorgeous top, I love the fun colors in it that you can pull from. In this outfit I decided to pair it with my gingham button up top, the pattern is small so it doesn’t compete with the pretty larger flowers. I also added a pretty crystal necklace to give it a casual and classy look. I think this would also look great with a pearls necklace.

Crystal Necklace Purple Peridot || Floral Top Brickyard Buffalo (sold out) Similar Here || Gingham Top Cal-Ranch (sold out) Similar Here || Crystal Daisy Bracelet Mindy Mae’s Market || Sunglass Ray Ban



I have a weakness for polka dots, pearls and anything that has to do with pink, so why not put them together. I seriously love this outfit, how could you not possibly feel cheery and happy in such bright colors. This is another use of the pattern gingham, which if you don’t own a few gingham tops may I suggest investing in them. I think they are a great staple piece that you can dress up so many different ways to create so many different looks. This look would be great without the pretty pink vest, but as you can see it is chilly outside so it adds an extra layer of warmth, but if you are wanting something lighter, this would still look very cute on it’s own. I added a pearl cluster necklace and bracelet to give it a dressed up feel. I just love polka dots with gingham together, they compliment each other nicely.

Polka Dot Sweater Mindy Mae’s Market || Gingham Button Down Mindy Mae’s Market || Pink Puffer Vest Juliana’s Boutique (sold out) Similar Here || Cluster Pearl Necklace Purple Peridot (sold out) Similar Here || Pearl Bracelet WalMart



As you can see I’m a big fan of polka dots, I think they are just the perfect pattern to mix with. This is a blouse and blazer I got several years ago but they are still pieces I use. I think it is so important to get key classic pieces that you can recycle year after year with different outfits, you will get so much more for you money. Polka dots and stripes go really well together, whether your dots are small or large or your stripes are large or small, it doesn’t matter, they look great regardless the size of the pattern. Don’t hesitate to mix with color as well, this look is a classic black and white look, but it would also look great with a color polka dot top or a color striped blazer.

I love bursts of color so I usually with do that with my accessories if I go with a neutral look. I used this gorgeous clutch as my pop of color but you can also use some bright pumps, jewelry and even your lipstick can add some burst of color to any outfit.

Stripe Blazer (older from Ross) Similar Here || Polka Dot top (older from Target) Similar Here and  Here || Pink Clutch LeBoutique || Prada SunglassesHere Prada Inspired Sunglasses (What I’m wearing) Here



Bold Stripes, gingham and leopard for the last look. I’m really really liking this look. I wanted to do a different color palate for this look just incase some of you don’t love pink as much as I do (how is that possible?!? :) ) Strips go perfect with gingham, the stripes and the gingham pattern are pretty close to the same dimensions, one isn’t really that much smaller or larger than the other, it creates a good balance. I added a third pattern with this leopard clutch because of the brown color, it goes very well with the blues and blacks. I have a thing with what I refer to as the Power of 3, I like the balance of three things in an outfit that are working together, usually different colors or patterns. I will do another blog post discussing the Power of 3, but if you look over these looks they will typically have three things working together from color, pattern or texture.

Stripe top (older from Rue 21) Similar Here || Gingham top Here || Crystal Dome Necklace Here || Leopard Clutch (sold out) Similar Here