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When did you start your business?

November 2013, founded by Audrey Henderson

Why did you want to start your own business?

I love fashion and I love business! Having owned other retail businesses I wanted to start an online store to stay connected to the retail world but have more flexibility to be at home with my family.

What is a big obstacle you have had to overcome in owning your own business?

Prioritizing can be the hardest part of being a business owner and mom. I have to be careful not to let my work life overtake my home life and vice versa.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Be patient and kind with customers, be passionate about your business, and work hard to create something you are proud of.

Vendor Spotlight: Cents of Style


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When did you start your business?

March 2007, founded by Courtney Brown & Brennan Lau

Why did you want to start your own business?

Courtney always loved fashion and bargain shopping. She wanted to create an accessories company where women could try the current trends at an affordable price. Brennan Joined Courtney not long after Cents of Style was started.

What is a big obstacle you have had to overcome in owning your own business?

Finding the right business plan that fits with our ideas. Also, getting our brand known.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Growing up our dad always told us three things; Work Hard, Make Good Choices, and HAVE FUN. We feel these three things could not apply more in business. Its important to work really hard, to be honest and be thoughtful in the decisions made, and most importantly you have to have fun. If you aren’t having fun its not worth it.
Check out these fabulous picks for Spring from Cents of Style:

Trendy Women’s Jewelry Styles of the Season

Jewelry will always be in. Are you going out day after day with the same jewelry pieces? It takes more than a few rings to show that you know your stuff when it comes to trendy women’s jewelry. This season, jewelry is about making a big impact with size and volume. A simple wardrobe is easily jazzed up with chunky, fun pieces. Of course, there are no hard-and-fast rules dealing with what to wear and what not to wear (other than the generally accepted rule that you should be wearing something), but the articles named below might give you some ideas as you incorporate them to make your own unique style. Which trends will you take advantage of?


Mixing gold and silver. Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Be bold and combine both gold and silver pieces. Or start with a nice silver piece with gold accents. If you still want to stick with just a single metal, gold made a comeback a few years ago and isn’t ready to go away. Thinking of a nice gold watch? Great idea. Rose gold is claiming a place among the top metals for jewelry as well.

Fashion jewelry deals

Go old school. Jewelry inspired by Victorian or Art Deco is making a stand. Both styles combine heirloom-looking pieces with modern sensibilities, making for ensembles that manage to be both classic and cutting-edge.

Fashion jewelry deals

Layer bracelets. Got more bracelets than you can wear at a time? Stack them. Mix up different weights and materials. Or just wear smaller quantities of oversized bracelets for knockout volume.

Jewelry for women

Unleash your inner animal. Animal-themed jewelry has been in for some time, and it continues to be a quirky part of the stylish woman’s wardrobe. It also provides a great opportunity for you to say something about yourself.

Jewelry for women

Make a statement. Bubble necklaces show confidence. These chunky items have been in for a while now, but they’re still favorites. Like statement rings, large necklaces aim to become the focal point of your outfit. They make the outfit—they don’t just add a subtle touch. Their big, bright colors can also make a darker fall wardrobe look playful.

Trendy womens clothing

Go small. Are bigger items not your thing? Still resisting the statement jewelry trend? You can always layer smaller necklaces. Daintier accessories can suggest an attention to detail. Pair two necklaces of varying length and you’ve got a winning combination.

Jewelry for women

Embrace chandelier earrings. Chandelier earrings are in. You know, the elaborate ones that hang low and make your neck look longer and sleeker. These look great on top of fall necklines or scarves, and don’t be afraid to wear your hair up to better show them off.

Shop the Look: Sassy Grits

Modest womens clothing


Don’t you love a perfect pair? These two pieces are a match made in heaven. Wear them together for a pulled together look, or separately. The Sophie top is great with a pair of jeans and some cute shoes or your favorite boots. The Louren Skater Skirt will be your favorite piece to wear when you are looking for a little sass. You are sure to get plenty of compliments while wearing these great pieces.

Get this look and other daily deals for moms over at
Special thanks to Sassy Grits for providing this ‘look’, visit their website at

How to layer your trendy women’s clothing

As the days get shorter and the temperature slips into the colder ranges, your summer outfits just aren’t going to cut it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep wearing your summer clothes, albeit artfully layered to create warmer but still attractive ensembles. The great thing about most pieces of trendy women’s clothing is that they don’t need to be confined to a single season. Your closet may be a melting pot of basic articles, treasured designer clothes, and thrift-store gems, but they can be combined in ways that look great and keep you from shivering.

Trendy womens clothing

Start with a lightweight top. This is going to be your base, so keep it simple. The next layer can be something like a cardigan or sweater. Find something that complements your base later; this is your chance to be a little bolder. Chevron patterns are in this season, and if you haven’t felt like trying one out so far, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a shot now. So are floral patterns, which you can wear as a top or as pants, as long as you keep color and pattern combinations in check and don’t overdo it. Return to a more basic color with a cute jacket or coat. Polish off the look with a scarf and your choice of accessories and footwear: a nice belt is slimming and makes your outfit look finished. Tall boots make a nice choice to give you an air of sophistication. And skinny jeans, of course, can make your legs look great, or replace them with nice leggings or tights under a skirt.

Trendy womens clothing

If you’ve got the basic idea down, feel free to venture out on your own as far as style goes. Remember to pile on the thin layers. This means you can shed them accordingly, keeping you at just the right temperature. Add or peel your layers as personal comfort dictates. If you’re afraid that piling on clothes will make you look bigger than you actually are, have no fear. Thin layers will help keep your desired silhouette. And if you’re concerned about your silhouette, a jacket or coat that cinches around the waist will lend you a flattering shape. When choosing tops to layer, try different necklines—a v-neck over a scooped neckline, for instance—for texture. Find shirts with different collars and sleeve lengths.

Have fun. It’s all about comfort. Well, and style and thriftiness as well. A desire for slimness usually doesn’t extend to your wallet, so you may consider sticking with basic colors and styles for more expensive items, or choosing clothing you’ll want to wear for many seasons in the future. With a little skill, you can make comfort, thriftiness and style go hand in hand.

Pick Your Giveaway from Alexis Mattox Designs

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Alexis Mattox Design draws on classical and modern elements to create fine laser-cut stationery and other designer lifestyle products. They are pleased to be offering some of their wonderful creations on some daily deal sites, such as Sassy Steals.

Alexis Mattox Design is giving away THREE lucky winners their choice of a Wooden Banner, Chalkboard Sign, or an Ampersand in the styles of their choices. Enter below!

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More About Alexis Mattox Designs and how they got started:

Alexis Mattox Design began in Fall 2011 to provide beautiful laser-cut stationery to customers who realize a handwritten note is more than a piece of paper. Striving to design stationery that is both elegant and unique, Alexis Mattox Design has grown quickly, providing laser cut cards to stationery lovers all over the world. Our products now expand beyond stationery to include party supplies, artwork, jewelry, home decor, and other lifestyle goods. While our products are sold in stores across the country, Alexis Mattox Design prides itself in offering custom design services. Whether we work to create custom Christmas cards or one-of-a-kind wedding decor, we love the process of helping other people create their vision and making life beautiful. Our designs draw on classical and modern elements. It is this juxtaposition that defines our company’s philosophy in producing beautiful products that all can enjoy.

kids clothes

Sassy Steals is a flash deal website that brings you the most adorable kid boutique items at a ‘steal’ of a price! Check out these items from the past week to showcase the great offers Sassy Steals has for your little people!

Sassy Steals is run by a stay at home mom and by run we mean that she sits at her computer while her two little girls run around her. That being said everything deal for kid boutique items is thought through of the perspective of if it would be something we would want our children to have. Most of Sassy Steals vendors are stay at home moms turned business savvy and they too recognize the importance of selling what is only the best for the kids in our lives.

kid boutique

Make learning FUN with these adorable wooden alphabet magnets! Each set includes all 26 letters of the alphabet which makes learning the ABC’s as easy as 1-2-3! Each magnet measures 2.16”x1.5” with a magnet securely attached flush to the back of each magnet.
handmade shoes kid boutique
These enchanting flats almost look too decadent to wear. But trust us—once little ones put them on there’s no turning back. MANY DIFFERENT STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM, SOFT SOLE SHOES. Handmade items guarentee that your little ones items are lead free, allergen free, and supporting local small businesses. These shoes offer over 22 varieties and 8 different sizes.
sunday night football | kid boutique
Football season is almost here! What a better way to show off your little ones spirit than with our customized NFL inspired leg warmers and team headband! Makes a great gift! Leg warmers will fit newborn all the way up to around 6 years old. Can also be worn as arm warmers. Headbands are available on elastic or on an alligator clip. They will be made in your team of choices colors. Every NFL team available!

boutique clothing for women

Sassy Steals strives to bring you the most affordable deals in a flash deal setting. Check out these amazing steals from the past week on trendy women’s clothing:


You don’t want to miss out on this fun and flowy Collar Bow Blouse. Not only is it very on trend right now, but the loose fit is flattering on all body types. This top is very versatile and is sure to become one of your favorite pieces.



What a fun addition this fashionable Double Chevron Belt will make to your outfit! There are lots of different ways to wear it. It looks fabulous on top of t-shirts, tanks, your favorite maxi dress, or any other way you want to mix it up! Definitely a must have for your wardrobe. It comes in a light pink color. The belt is about 26 1/4“ inches length. The band is made of stretchy material.



This Swimsuit Cover up is effortless chic for the beach or pool! You will love the ease of the tie free, soft, and comfortable design. Stock up at this blow out sale!
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